Managers need new skills in the new hybrid workplace

Line manager wellbeing is one of the most talked about topics in the wellbeing industry currently, given the mounting pressure on team leaders.

That’s why The Watercooler’s panel discussion on ‘Supporting Line Managers to Support Their Teams and Manage their Own Mental Health’ is one of the most hotly anticipated.

Carol Frost, Chief People Officer, Metro Bank, is speaking on this panel and has an interesting perspective, given her varied career background which spans the water industry, oil and gas and, now, financial services. She’s learnt, she says, that “people issues are people issues; the context may be different, but the issues are universal”.

Suzy Bashford, Features Editor for Make A Difference Media interviewed Carol in a quick fire podcast that you can listen here. This article covers employee wellbeing in general, but line manager wellbeing in particular, including the fact managers need new skills in the new hybrid workplace. She also talks about the biggest challenge she’s facing: how to get employees to actually access wellness services