23-24 February 2022Olympia London
23 - 24 February 2022 / Olympia, London


The Watercooler Roundtables are your opportunity to share experiences off the record, create new connections and source ideas to take your workplace wellbeing toolkit to the next level. Each table runs for 45 minutes and is hosted by an industry expert.

Day 1

The roundtables will run from 11.45-12.30 and 14.15-15.00.

Day 2

The roundtables will run from 10.45-11.30 and 12.00-12.45.

Places are limited - register for a free ticket today and we will remind you to register for the roundtables two weeks before the event.

Proposed roundtable discussion topics include:

  1. Engaging the hard to reach and creating lasting behaviour change around workplace wellbeing     
  2. The big C: Supporting colleagues living with and beyond cancer           
  3. How can employers realistically encourage colleagues to eat well?      
  4. Engaging employees with physical wellbeing     
  5. Balancing productivity with wellbeing: navigating difficult conversations         
  6. Approaches to future-proofing your financial wellbeing strategy          
  7. How to choose workplace wellbeing suppliers   
  8. Finding the balance between an individual and an employer's responsibility for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace          
  9. One size does not fit all: how segmentation can be used to personalise wellbeing programmes     
  10. Inclusive approaches to supporting fertility and menopause in the workplace 
  11. Managing hybrid teams with wellbeing in mind 
  12. Seamlessly integrating talent, DEI and wellbeing initiatives       
  13. Closing the health inequalities gap: the essential role of business and where this fits with your ESG strategy         
  14. Race and workplace wellbeing    
  15. Designing wellbeing into learning and development      
  16. Managing and reducing conflict to promote positive wellbeing at work           
  17. Meeting the wellbeing needs of the next generation entering the workforce  
  18. Reinventing rewards and benefits around wellbeing