The Hot Topics Happening Around The Watercooler


The Hot Topics Happening Around The Watercooler: Last month saw the successful launch of our first ‘The Watercooler’ event on 25th and 26th May. Run in association with Make A Difference and the London Evening Standard, and co-located with the Evening Standard’s SME Xpo, the events attracted nearly 5,000 attendees to the National Hall at Olympia Conference and Exhibition Centre.

The groundbreaking event is called The Watercooler in recognition of the huge value in those more informal, relaxed conversations that we have at work. These are the conversations that often get to the heart of what we really care about and provide an environment where we feel comfortable to speak our minds.

The Watercooler Event’s goal was to encourage these conversations, by inspiring delegates through topical, challenging and insightful content that covered mental, physical, financial, environmental, social and inclusive wellbeing.

Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback, The Watercooler lived up to its name with visitor Josephina Smith, reward and HR thought leader and speaker, summing up the event as:

“A great turnout, lots of different energy from different suppliers. There was a buzziness. Sometimes you go to a conference and it’s a bit dull and low energy, but people here seemed to be energetic as they came out of the workshops and they’re mingling, having a conversation, and that’s what you really want from a conference.”

In this piece, we’ve rounded up some of the buzziest, most popular ‘watercooler conversations’ which were shared as a result of the speaker sessions and panels at The Watercooler Event.


This article was written by Make a Difference Media