Added Health

Added Health wants to make your employees healthier. We’re a digital health coaching and behaviour change platform led by a global team of world-class doctors. All our advice is evidence-based, science-backed and tailored to each user’s age, lifestyle and individual circumstances.

We know that every employee within an organisation is different and has their own motivations and concerns. Added Health’s personalised yet affordable coaching is a great solution for supporting a diverse workforce as our coaches tailor solutions to each individual client across all areas of their health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental well-being and relationships.

We also offer doctor-led, tax-free employee annual health checks including a 30-min doctor call and full report to kickstart your employees’ motivation.

Given that poor employee health costs UK businesses £3,340 per person per year, investing in an affordable solution that is entirely tailored to every individual’s health needs makes sense. Healthier employees mean healthier profits.