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Leaders Club Lunches and Networking 2024 - Hosted by Make a Difference

Since 2018, we’ve been growing a fantastic network of like-minded employers, from across sectors, representing a wide range of job functions, who all want to make a difference to workplace culture, benefits, employee health and wellbeing.

Building on this network and recognising that above all else, employers love to learn from each other’s experiences of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to workplace wellbeing, we are inviting employers from across our network to join our “Make A Difference Leaders’ Club”.

Membership of the “Make A Difference Leaders’ Club” is FREE and open to any EMPLOYER as long as you’re not a supplier of workplace wellbeing products and services.

Leaders Club Lunches at The Watercooler 2024

At this years show Leaders Club members will have access to the VIP LOUNGE on the show floor plus invitations to the Leaders’ Club Lunch & Networking sessions each day at the show.

Each day will feature a topic-driven casual lunch at roundtables in a private room at the show. Once you have joined you will be able to join club meetings at The Watercooler 2024 with VIP Lounge access. You will be required to also register to visit free here.

The anonymous output from the working lunch sessions will be turned into LEADERS CLUB REPORTS

You can download these free past reports here;

LC3 V04.pdf
Leaders lunch report2 V04 links V02
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Please contact Claire Farrow, Partner, Make a Difference Media – claire@makeadifference.events

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