At HealthClinic2You, we are dedicated to promoting a healthier workforce through on-site health and wellbeing checks tailored for corporate businesses. Did you know that, on average, 50.6 productivity days are lost per employee? Furthermore, 86% of these days are attributed to presenteeism, where employees attend work with reduced / little productivity.

By investing in health and wellbeing checks for your employees, you unlock multiple benefits for both your team and your business:
– Heightened awareness of health and wellbeing among employees
– Enhanced work-life balance for your workforce
– Boosted morale and productivity within your organisation
– Early intervention to prevent medical conditions among employees
– Fostering fairness and inclusivity in your workplace culture
– Enhanced employee benefits package to attract and retain talent
– Easing the strain on the UK healthcare system

Curious to learn more about how HealthClinic2You can revolutionise your company? Join us at The Watercooler Event to find out more! Our clinics operate year-round, staffed by qualified health professionals. Have a chat with one of our team to discover the diverse range of clinic options we offer and we can cater to your company’s needs.