Smart About Health

Smart About Health is a doctor-led, evidence-based workplace health and wellbeing solution that improves your employee’s health and happiness. In the health and wellbeing space we are trailblazers, challenging the status quo through our innovative programmes and trainings for all your staff, wellbeing champions, mangers and leaders. Our programmes complement your reactive provisions such as PMI and EAP.

Through our bespoke partnership with you, we support organisations to embed a proactive and preventative approach.  Through engagement in areas of health that can impact productivity, retention and absenteeism, we use our expertise to focus in on key health and wellbeing issues faced by those in across areas of your organisation. Our programmes and trainings are delivered by our team of over 100 frontline doctors enabling access to high quality information, realistic and proven approaches, and true expertise.

We have a range of clinician-led programmes dedicated to wellbeing, health and DEI, one size does not fit all.