The Sleep Charity

The Sleep Charity is on a mission to empower everyone to sleep better – and that includes those in the workplace.

Are you interested in improving fatigue in the workplace to support your employee’s health and wellbeing? 

Sleep issues impact on mood, ability to concentrate and may lead to mistakes at work. In fact, sleep issues are so prevalent, that there are around 200,00 working days lost in the UK each year due to insufficient sleep.

Be one of over 100+ employees who are championing sleep in the workplace with our Workplace Sleep Ambassador course. Alternatively, we offer bespoke training, workshops, webinars or lunch and learn sessions.

Given that sleep deprivation costs the UK economy around £40.2 billion a year, is a leading cause in absenteeism and is major factor in car accidents, investing in training to educate the workforce about sleep is something that should be taken seriously.