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The Mad World Summit

Are you read for a new era of workplace mental health and wellbeing?

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace are more critical than ever before. In just two years, we’ve experienced a decade of change in the world of work. Burnout is ubiquitous, uncertainty persists, and now the cost-of-living crisis is biting.

Whilst adapting to meet fast-evolving employee needs and expectations undoubtedly presents challenges, it also opens opportunities for employers to scale-up workplace mental health and wellbeing support, embed wellbeing as a strategic priority and set a new benchmark for best practice.

At the annual MAD World Summit, we’ll be helping employers to step-up by showcasing what’s working now and exploring what’s needed next to weave mental health and wellbeing into your organisation’s DNA, achieve maximum engagement with initiatives, optimise investment in workplace wellbeing and really Make A Difference.

Wherever you are on your workplace wellbeing journey, join us for a day packed with insight, inspiration, networking and practical takeaways including:

Mad World Summit 2023

October 12th 2023 | London

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Mad World Summit 2023

October 12th 2023 | London