Business for Health

Tina Woods is a mission-driven social entrepreneur and system architect bringing diverse stakeholders together in shared endeavours to improve and level up health, working at the cross section of science, technology, investment and policy/government.  

She is Co-Founder and CEO of Business for Health, a business-led social venture developing a Business Framework for Health, bringing in ‘Health’ into ‘ESG’ mandates to support long-term sustainable innovation and investment in preventative health and care.  

She is Founder and CEO of Collider Health and works with private, public and third sectors, including UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy. 

She is the Healthy Longevity Champion for the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, aiming to accelerate and secure UK Research & Innovation’s strategic aims to ensure better health, ageing and wellbeing in the UK and globally.