ESSTA is a ground breaking and award winning wellbeing solution for anyone needing support. 

Our solution is a bridge between the virtual and the physical whereby both our content and support is activated through the use of a smart ESSTA card. Employees simply tap their cards on their phone to tap into live spaces, coaching and guided meditations all curated by pain-point. 

A physical product from employer to employee feels more invested and more genuine. Regardless of the content, digital subscriptions are perceived as “convenient” but lacking in value. 

The ESSTA cards serve as a consistent physical and visual cue of the employer’s sincere concern for their employees’ well-being and offer a faster method to implement your well-being initiatives and promote engagement, such as by placing them on their desks.

Each card has curated categorised content but importantly also acts as a key to give access to ESSTA’s spaces. 

Spaces consist of daily webinars and group sessions tailored to specific categories, enabling employees facing similar challenges to engage, communicate, and exchange experiences within a facilitated session.