Lyra Wellbeing UK & Ireland

Here at Lyra Wellbeing UK & Ireland, we will work in partnership with you to act as your Mental Health & Wellbeing Partner leading and supporting your employee wellness. We are a clinically led solution – offering bespoke mental health and wellbeing support to care for all employee lifecycle needs, ranging from;

Workplace issues

Family/Relationship problems

Parenting support

Children and adolescent support (12+ years)

Life transitions


Menopause informed support

Money or financial worries

Anything else life throws at us…

Through our multiple, personalised access routes, we support with direct, immediate access to our experienced and knowledgeable in-country counsellors. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke care pathways in line with our clinically led approach to maximise therapeutic benefit. We offer clinically matched care solutions with our high-quality provider network overseen by our in-country counsellors who act as your care advocate by monitoring and supporting your journey from beginning to end. We aren’t a typical EAP model – Instead, we support and therapeutically assess each individual to implement a customised care pathway suited to their needs. Every interaction is underpinned by our mission “to make an impactful difference to every service user by seeking our opportunity to support”. With almost 40 years of experience in the global and local mental wellbeing market, we have extensive knowledge and clinical expertise to add value and make a positive impact to your employee culture and wellbeing. We work in partnership to support our clients Health and Wellbeing strategy through understanding their employee culture, using data informed insights to drive our strategic support from beginning to end.