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Day 2 | Workshop Programme

FREE to attend workshop sessions for workplace and wellbeing, HR, mental health, and employee culture professionals to attend for working insight and tangible takeaways to apply to your strategy. 

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10.45 - 11.30

How would you design the ideal mental health service from scratch?

Mental health services in the UK are fundamentally flawed. The NHS can’t help people quickly enough at their time of need, while EAPs offer unnecessarily expensive care as short-term crisis solutions.

With the digital advantages we have in 2023 and what we know about mental health and mindfulness today, we can do much better.

If we remove the limitations of traditional structures, what would we do differently? Would we:

      • Focus on mental wellbeing to prevent mental health problems in the first place?
      • Have 24/7 smartphone access to mental health coaches?
      • Keep counsellors’ time available for those that need it most at short notice?
      • Allow users to choose coaches and counsellors based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and language preferences?
      • Continue contact following recovery to prevent issues reoccurring?

This interactive workshop explains Headspace Health’s new mental health model, as the company continues to evolve from mindfulness and meditation into mental health. There will be opportunities to discuss these and other new approaches to mental ill-health, and to learn what your peers at other companies think.

Jason Richmond


Jason Richmond
VP, Sales Solutions, Headspace Health

Headspace 2


11.45 - 12.30

Unlocking the value of prevention in your workforce to improve productivity and employee retention

Ill health affects businesses of all sizes every year, causing both sick days and lost productivity in your workforce. As organisations face financial headwinds, it’s. never been more important to invest in the health of your people.


A preventative approach to healthcare can positively impact a business in numerous ways, most significantly better retention rates, increased productivity, and better utilisation of other wellbeing programs and health investment. Join our interactive workshop and learn:


      • How the traditional model of employee care is outdated and unfit for a modern workforce
      • How investing in preventative healthcare can boost retention and deliver a significant ROI
      • What tools your business needs to implement a preventative approach to Health
    Lyz swanton


    Lyz Swanton
    COO, Qured

    Qured 2

    14.00 - 14.45

    Everyone welcome’: How Enhancing your Menopause Support Drives Inclusion

    Join Peppy’s Chief Nursing Officer and menopause specialist Kathy Abermethy, and other HR and Benefits professionals for this interactive session as we discuss the future of menopause support as a tool of driving an inclusive workplace.

    1 in 4 consider leaving their jobs because of menopause, whilst 1 in 10 actually do

    As the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce, supporting midlife women during menopause is essential for businesses looking to cultivate diverse leadership, strong retention strategies, and a happy and healthy workforce.

    We encourage you to join the session ready to share and learn. The following topics will be explored:

    • How menopause is impacting your business
    • The steps you can take to support your employees in the workplace
    • How to tackle menopause through your benefits strategy


    Kathy Abernethy
    Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Menopause Services, Peppy
    Peppy 4



    Ellen Atkinson
    Enterprise Account Executive, Peppy
    Peppy 4


    10.45 - 11.30

    How the Cost of Living Crisis is Shaking and Shaping HR Actions

    With 92% of HR professionals feeling that their level of concern about employees’ financial wellbeing has increased over the past year. The cost of living crisis has become increasingly a pressing issue for

    businesses. YuLife recently commissioned two surveys: one canvassing UK adults in partnership with YouGov, and another canvassing HR professionals, in partnership with HR Ninjas – and the results are eye-opening.  

    Join YuLife at the Watercooler to hear first hand: 

        • HR leaders versus employee views on the cost of living crisis revealed.
        • How financial stress is increasing for workforces and impacting mental health
        • How HR leaders can support their employees’ financial wellbeing


    Jonathan Roomer
    Co-founder and Head of Customer Success

    Yulife 2

    11.45 - 12.30

    Your free toolkit for better-built wellbeing and performance

    Wellbeing is keeping business leaders awake at night. For those in the know, the link between employee health and business performance is increasingly clear. But, for many, achieving that nirvana is a daunting and complex challenge. Just where do you begin?

    This interactive workshop will give you the tools to build better wellbeing, with precision and impact. From targeting your support initiatives to measuring their value, and maximising engagement to getting ongoing buy-in from the Board, there’s something for businesses at all stages of their wellbeing journey.

    It’s time organisations applied the same discipline and rigour to improving wellbeing as other business goals. Join us, and find your framework to make it happen.


    Jonathan Best
    Chief Customer Officer, GoodShape


    14.00 - 14.45

    How to get tough conversations right at work—and keep your best employees

    People’s personal worries don’t disappear when they’re at work.

    Grief, finances, health concerns—we all face this stuff at some point. Most of the time, we don’t tell anyone at work. But when we do, the first place we turn is normally our manager or HR.

    In these moments, how the manager shows up can mean the difference between a teammate handing in their notice—or forming a lasting bond with the team.

    The goal of this workshop is to arm managers & HR folks with knowledge & tools to support teammates with whatever they’re facing—and to respond in the right way when these tough conversations pop up, however difficult or awkward they seem.

    Sarah Bateup


    Dr. Sarah Bateup
    Chief Clinical Officer, Oliva
    oliva 3

    Mel Murphy


    Mel Murphy
    People Lead, Oliva
    oliva 3

    11.45 - 12.30

    Addressing the challenges with mobilising great mental health support

    Promoting good mind health is not easy. From environment to culture, to leadership buy-in and line manager capability the path to supporting a flourishing workforce is one of continual improvement. Avoid the pitfalls and share best practice and learnings at this AXA Health workshop, as we explore the key factors in ensuring your mental health strategy lands with impact.

        • The common hurdles and how to overcome them
        • How to go about gaining senior leadership buy in
        • Communications that resonate and drive employee ownership
        • Measuring impact and where next to place resource


    Eugene Farrell
    Mental Health Lead, AXA Health




    Peter Kelly
    Founder, Being Real Mental Health Solutions



    Paul Roberts
    Director, Enlighten and EAPA Executive Board Member



    Zoe Ashdown
    Head of People Engagement, Culture and Strategy, AXA Health
    Axa health 2


    14.00 - 14.45

    Uncover the 5 must-have features of an exceptional financial wellbeing programme!

    Reaching the ‘third wave’ of financial wellbeing is the only way forward for people-led companies. 

    Financial wellbeing that’s based on 1-to-1 guidance (instead of just benefits or education) is the only model that’s bespoke and flexible enough to help everyone, no matter their situation or money goals. But it’s tough to get there! HR leads have been working hard to get buy-in, building the right support, and getting employees engaged. Even so, 91% told us they want to do better. 

    Now more than ever employers need a holistic approach to financial wellbeing that: 

        • builds knowledge
        • creates accountability
        • is fully personalised
        • accessible to all
        • always inspirational!

    Join this session with Octopus MoneyCoach and get to grips with what’s needed to build an exceptional, holistic financial wellbeing that’s genuinely impactful for ALL your employees.

    Neasa McNulty


    Neasa McNulty
    Employer Partnerships, Octopus MoneyCoach
    Octopus MoneyCoach