How to cope with workplace stress, with Professor Sir Cary Cooper

How do you cope with workplace stress, and what can companies do to help employees?

Professor Sir Cary Cooper is the founding director of workplace wellness specialist RobertsonCooper and 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the University of Manchester. In this show we talk about:

  • The deprivation in LA that led him to give up ambitions of being a tax lawyer to help others
  • How companies attitudes to workplace stress have changed over the decades
  • Practical advice on dealing with stress and mental health both as an employee and employer
  • Could a four-day working week help?
  • Why younger generations won’t stand for unhealthy offices

Professor Sir Cary Cooper appeared at The Watercooler event in association with the Evening Standard on May 25th 2022.


This podcast was produced by the Evening Standard.