Menopause leave, not the answer, says Government, as ministers reject trial

Menopause leave, not the answer: Earlier this week the Fourth Special Report – Menopause and the workplace: Government Response to the Committee’s First Report of Session 2022–2023revealed that ministers have rejected a proposal from the Women and Equalities Committee to introduce ‘Menopause Leave’ pilots to support those going through the menopause.

At The Watercooler in April we take a sharp look at menopause in the workplace with a session on day one at the Mental & Physical Wellbeing stage – Panel: Supporting Women’s Health in the Workplace featuring Natalie Beresford, Retired Detective Inspector and Chair, Menopause Action Group, Thames Valley Police and Lisa Macis, Menopause In The Workplace Project Lead and Senior Key Account Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb who will be sharing experiences that could help your organisation support your women through this stage. In the exhibition, we also have Henpicked – who are equipping employers with expertise and toolkits for organisations to be able to support employees better.

The report puts the onus back on employers to lead by example and show that they care about and will support women through issues such as the menopause. We hope The Watercooler will provide a chance for organisations to reflect on their support, as with the proper support, employers can help women manage their symptoms and ultimately keep them at work, which will help with the retention of women, improve women in leadership figures and help reduce the gender pay gap.

Our associate partner Make a Difference Media cover the story in more detail here.